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What is the Best Sleeping Position for Pregnant Women?

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Pregnant women need special care. They must be careful as well because the slightest mistake can be disastrous. In fact, during pregnancy, you should look into how you are sleeping too. Some medical professionals have suggested that, would be moms should always sleep on one side and keep their knees bent. This position is the most comfortable to them. Pillows can be placed between the legs, behind the back and under the belly. But the very best position is side sleeping and must be accompanied with one of the best pillows for side sleepers discussed on that website.

When pregnant, you must always sleep on the side. It would be difficult to sleep on the stomach because of your growing belly and tender breasts. But that is not all. You mustn’t sleep on your back too when your pregnancy progresses, because in this position, weight of the uterus will press on your back muscles, spine and important blood vessels. The blood flow in your body and to your baby can get reduced.

Back sleeping during pregnancy can cause other issues too…

  • This can cause swelling, hemorrhoids, pains and muscle aches.
  • Your blood pressure can go down and make you feel dizzy, particularly when you are trying to stand up or sit down. In some women, the blood pressure will actually go up.
  • There can be snoring as your weight grows.

Safest Sleep Position

Back is certainly not the best in your fifth month. There can be extra pressure on your inferior vena cava and aorta. Vena cava are the blood vessels that carry blood from your feet and legs back to your heart. You shouldn’t sleep on your stomach as you can have problems in breathing. Plus, in this position, your belly will push down the intestines, which isn’t good. There can be tummy troubles.

Many caregivers suggest that left is the safest position for the baby, though the right side is safe too. This position is more comfortable too as the abdomen grows. When you sleep on your left, it will be easier for the nutrient-packed blood to travel from your heart to the placenta and nourish the growing baby. Your increasing body weight will not push your liver as well.

Positioning Tips From

  • Keep a pillow between your knees or below the tummy for belly and back support. By keeping a pillow below your body, you will prevent yourself from rolling into your back or stomach.
  • Raise the head of your bed by a few inches if you have heartburn. You can use blocks or books. The acids in your stomach will stay down.
  • Always use a side sleeping pillow to stay safe.

So develop the habit of sleeping on your sides. But don’t get alarmed if you suddenly wake up and find yourself sleeping on your stomach or back. Just go back to your sides. But having said this, you should use a side sleeping pillow and make every effort to remain in the side position while you are sleeping.

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